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Zoe Dzunko's first collection for MDP, "Wet Areas" is out now! It's only $6, so check out her gorgeous chapbook of poems. We're sure you'll enjoy it as much as we do. Click the link on the right to order.

Naturally, we will continue to read manuscripts into 2014, despite nearly filling our year's schedule already! Bronwyn, Kayla and I will get back to all of you as soon as we can.


Coming Soon From Maverick Duck Press

June 2014 - Amberle Husbands - Horseflesh

September 2014 - Marc Mannheimer - The Silver Mean


out now from maverick duck press


Five for Ten Grab Bag


We will send you a random five chapbooks for just $10. This is a great chance to read some poets you might not have read before. We've extended this sale through April for National Poetry Month!



Wet Areas by Zoe Dzunko


Zoe Dzunko is a writer from Melbourne, Australia, and the author of two other chapbooks: All of the Men I Have Never Loved (Dancing Girl Press) and Bruise Factory (NAP). She is a doctoral student in Creative Writing at Deakin University, and completed a Masters Degree in Creative Writing & Publishing, a certificate in Editing & Communications, and a BA (Media & Communications) at the University of Melbourne.