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Marc Mannheimer's first collection for MDP, "The Silver Mean" is out now and available for only $7. Check out Marc's terrific collection today. We promise it won't disappoint. Click the link on the right to order.

Our 2014 schedule has long been filled, but we will continue to read manuscripts for consideration in 2015. We will do our best to get back to all of you as soon as we can.

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December 2014 - James H. Duncan - Berlin


out now from maverick duck press


The Silver Mean by Marc Mannheimer


Marc Mannheimer is a native Clevelander who started writing poetry as a substitute for performing music, and this all may have been a diversion from profound existential issues.  Nevertheless, he found writing therapeutic and has since been published in Mock Turtle Zine, several northeast Ohio anthologies, and on-line at Troubador21, The City Poetry, The Artistic Muse and Mnemosyne blog.  His first chapbook, If the Moon Was Right (published by Writing Knights Press), garnered a Pushcart Prize nomination for the poem, “translating firefly”.