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MDP is thrilled to welcome Mary McCall to the fold! Her debut MDP chapbook is called "Singing With Sirens" and is available now for just $6 by clicking the button on the right. We were quite taken with Mary's work and we know you will be too!

We will continue to read manuscripts throughout 2015 and have at least one slot left for this year. As always, we will announce future publications, as well as up coming readings, on our Facebook page. So, if you haven't "liked" us yet on Facebook, you really should do that now!

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Caitlin Thomson - Territory Prayer  (September 2015)


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Singing With Sirens by Mary McCall


Mary McCall is pursuing her PhD in composition/rhetoric at Purdue University where she also teaches first-year composition. Her work has been nominated twice for Best of the Net and appeared in Decompression, Chantarelle’s Notebook, The Storyteller, Thick with Conviction, and elsewhere.