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Wanda Deglane - "Pulp"


Wanda Deglane has been published or accepted in over 100 literary magazines and journals, including Glass Poetry, Rust + Moth, and Former Cactus. She is the editor-in-chief of the literary and arts magazine, Honey & Lime, which was started in November 2018. Wanda is the author of the poetry chapbooks Rainlily (2018), Things That Will Happen After the End of the World No One Will Be Around to Witness (post ghost press, 2018), Lady Saturn (2019), Honey-Laced Garbage Dreams (Ghost City Press, 2019), Bittersweet (Vegetarian Alcoholic Press, 2019), missed connection (Rinky Dink Press, 2019), passionfruit (2020), and Venus in Bloom (Porkbelly Press, 2020). She also has two chapbooks, penumbra (Ghost City Press) and PULP (Maverick Duck Press).